Ancient Roman Calendar


Small modern day-numbers on the left for easy reference, while the bigger Roman numbers facilitate determining the correct Roman date.

Careful reconstruction of the many detailed notes found on fragments of real Roman calendars, for example the commemoration of Caesar Augustus' victory at Actium.

An example of the month of January.

Many fragments of calendars have survived, offering us glimpses of the festivals, commemorations and sacred days observed by the ancient Romans. None give a complete picture though.

Modern recreations are unsatisfactorily simplistic and incomplete. While they mark the dies fasti/nefasti, the calends, nones and ides together with some important religious days such as the Robigalia, they fail for example to mention the Ludi Florae. Not surprisingly, these Ludi Florae are only marked in small notes which are omitted by modern recreations.

Therefore, we have gathered all epigraphic evidence to reconstruct a fairly complete ancient Roman calendar. The following fragments of calendars (or fasti), which can be found in CIL I², were used for our reconstruction:


Fasti Esquilini, Fasti Caeretani, Fasti Arvalium, Fasti Tusculani, Fasti Allifani, Fasti Pinciani, Fasti Sabini, Fasti Venusini, Fasti Maffeiani, Fasti Praenestini (partially), Fasti Vallenses, Fasti Paulini, Fasti Vaticani, Fasti Amiternini, Fasti Antiates.


Printing information


Real calendars, as they have come to us, were large inscriptions in stone. This is a paper reproduction, intended to be printed. The calendar remains impressive though. With one sheet spanning only two months, a full calendar requires 6 A3-sheets! With the resulting flexibility, you can tailer the end-product to your needs: 6 sheets with 12 months next to each other, if you have the space, or like a modern wall-calendar, with the 6 sheets after each other if you do not have a large empty wall!


While designed with an A3-format in mind to include all the data, it is possible to print the calendar on A4-sheets although in this case we can not guarantee a perfect lisibility.


If you do not have access to a printer capable of handling A3-sheets and are not willing to compromise on scale, we can send you a printed copy. It that case, we charge 3,00 EUR (free of VAT) + shipping costs. If you are interested in this offer, please contact us.


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Being free of charge, you may freely redistribute this product under the condition that you charge no money and do not alter this product to preserve its consistency.


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